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Noe Todorovich is a Washington, DC based lifestyle photographer, and this is her blog. She shares musings, travels, photographs, tips, suggestions and more.

Toki Synth Series 002

Noe Todorovich

I first found out about Toki (an artistic duo comprised of recent architecture graduates Toluwalase Rufai & Khai Grubbs) through A Creative DC last summer. As soon as I learned about the Synth Series installation in an abandoned building near Rhode Island Metro Station, I couldn't wait to see it for myself. I reached out to some artsy and adventurous friends, and we got to planning our visit. 

The experience was unlike any other I have experienced both in DC and in the art world. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone and inspired me to explore where I never would have otherwise. It was a beautiful juxtaposition of an abandoned, decaying building and intentional, melodic art. While Instagram filled up with photos of the installation, nothing was quite like experiencing it for yourself. That's part of what motivated me to document the experience and installation through video. I also wanted to delve a bit deeper into the story behind the piece by speaking with the artists and giving them the opportunity to share a bit about how it came to be and what the experience has been like for them. And to create something to help the piece live on after itand the building that held itwas gone. 

A very special thank you to Tolu & Khai for letting me help tell the story of Synth Series 002 and, more importantly, for infusing DC with your unique, mesmerizing art in often overlooked spaces. Can't wait to see what the future holds for you! 

Find out more about Toki on their website and follow Tolu and Khai on Instagram to see more of their work! 


Noe Todorovich

POW! WOW! is a global art movement that is currently bringing together local and international artists in Washington, DC. My friend, Farrah, led a Walk With Locals tour of some of the mural sites on Friday. I brought along a Fuji Instax camera and had just enough film for a shot (or two) of each of the sites we saw. While I love taking and seeing photos of these murals, I have to say... the pictures don't quite do it justice. If you have a chance, you definitely want to see these for yourself in person. 


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Click on image to see artist's Instagram or the POW! WOW! DC Instagram with more info and links in the case of collaborations.


All Burgundy
Caratoes (Hong Kong)
Cory Oberndorfer (DC)
Decoy (DC)
Drew Merritt (CA)
HKS181 (DC)
INSA (London)
Jacob Eveland (VA)
Jeff Gress (Hawaii)
Matt Corrado (DC)
No Kings Collective (DC)
Persue (NYC)
Sheryo (Singapore)
The Yok (Australia)

Not in above pictures...yet...

Kelly Towles (DC)
VERO (Puerto Rico)
Wooden Wave (Hawaii)

Royal Canadian Air Force Fly Over DC

Noe Todorovich

I saw a post on Twitter last week regarding the Royal Canadian Air Force flying over the Washington, DC area on May 24 so I marked my calendar. Good thing I did too because I completely forgot until about 11 am this morning. After looking at the flight map, I decided to head to Gravelly Point since that was supposed to be a good spot and I had not been there yet myself. Here are some pics from the fly over and my leisurely 5 mile stroll.


Colleen & Richard's New Orleans Wedding

Noe Todorovich

One year ago, two of the most fashionable and fascinating people I knowColleen & Richardgot married in New Orleans. Patrick and I had the honor and pleasure of photographing the occasion. It’s a challenge for me to put into words just how amazing the experience was as I feel words alone don’t quite do it justice. I guess it’s a good thing we have plenty of pictures to fill in where words may fail me! ;)

We started the day at the bed and breakfast with some pictures of the lovely couple getting ready and sharing a first look in the charming courtyard. Then we headed over to Louis Armstrong Park for some portraits before the festivities officially began with a ride on the historic St Charles streetcar line. Attendees may have been under the impression we were heading to the ceremony site, but in fact the streetcar itself was the site (SURPRISE)! Once the vows were exchanged, we enjoyed the rest of the ride and taking photos both inside and outside along the way. Upon returning to the station, The Jaywalkers second line parade band awaited us, and we headed off into the French Quarter parading our way to the lovely reception site, Arnaud’s. And if that all wasn’t enough New Orleans goodness for one day, we did squeeze in a late night visit to Cafe Du Monde for some coffee and beignets. My kind of nightcap… :)

The entire day was magical and truly an honor to experience. It really hit me during the second line parade. As I juggled my cameras wanting to capture every moment every way possible, I started to tear up realizing how beautiful this experience was. How freely and wholeheartedly we were celebrating this couple and the beginning of their married life together.

Happy Anniversary, Colleen & Richard! Thank you for the honor of documenting the day and for letting us be a part of your beautiful celebration.

Wild Belle at the Black Cat

Noe Todorovich

I first heard Wild Belle back in October 2012 at the 930 Club when they opened for Passion Pit. I immediately fell in love with their sound & Natalie's voice, so I was excited to find out they would be back in DC this past weekend. I decided to keep up the trend of shooting more film and also experiment with pushing some film. Here are some of the pictures from the roll of Ilford HP5+ pushed to 1600.

Camera: Canon AE-1
Film: Ilford HP5+ pushed to 1600
Self-developed & scanned

Lewis Del Mar at the Black Cat 4.21.16

Noe Todorovich

Lewis Del Mar seems to have come out of nowhere and taken the scene by storm. If you listen to their music, you get it. If you get to see them perform, you really get it. Danny & Max are incredibly talented musicians, and if that wasn't enough, they are also just all-around awesome people I feel fortunate to have the pleasure to know. I'm so proud of them and excited to see what the future holds!

Last week, we were thrilled to see them at the Black Cat in Washington, DC. Just before heading out the door, I decided to grab the roll of Ilford 3200 film that had been sitting in the fridge and Patrick's Canon AE-1 to shoot some film of the show.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the show...

In the back room before the show.

In the back room before the show.


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Camera: Canon AE-1
Film: Ilford 3200
Developing: Self-developed with Kodak D-76 (1:1) and Ilford Rapid Fixer
Scan: Epson V600