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Noe Todorovich is a Washington, DC based lifestyle photographer, and this is her blog. She shares musings, travels, photographs, tips, suggestions and more.

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On photographing a friend's wedding

Noe Todorovich

Last year, I heard a rumor that one of my dearest friends got engaged. So when I got a call from her with some news, I had a feeling I knew what it was about. Even so, it did not make me any less excited, and I was honored when she asked me to be a bridesmaid. 

We talked about how happy she was and some plans for the wedding. I asked if she had a photographer, as she lives in a part of Northern California that is very rural. I wasn't sure what the market was like out there in the land of Redwoods. I mean, she built a cabin. Yeah, that's right. She's a badass...and also an incredible sweetheart.

She did have a photographer duo in mind and liked their work, but also loved mine as well but didn't want to pressure me into photographing her wedding. She really wanted me to be there and to be part of the day. So we talked a bit about having a friend shoot your wedding and how it depends on the couple, the photographer and some other factors. But for the most part, I actually love to photograph a friend's wedding. I just wanted to be sure I was involved in her wedding the way she wanted me to be. So I sent along my website and information for her to share with her fiancé and think it over. 

And the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to photograph her wedding. I wanted to commemorate all the moments of the day. I wanted to provide her with photographs that I created and that she can treasure for the rest of her life. I would be happy to be a bridesmaid as well, but my true desire was to be her photographer.

It turns out we were on the same page, and she told me that she would love for me to photograph the wedding...under one condition: that she still gets to spend time with me over the wedding weekend. Sold and SOLD! I reassured her that would be no problem at all. The photographer often actually gets to be with the couple more than anyone else. From getting ready through the last dance and including portraits of just the couple, your photographer is with you (or where you want them to be). ALL. DAY. And it's an honor and a pleasure, especially with that extra connection in cases like these. 

So I'm off to California this week for one of my bests friend's weddings. And I couldn't be more excited. Stay tuned for pictures soon! 

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite pictures from previous weddings of dear friends of mine...  I think back fondly on these memories and the opportunity I had to share in their big day as both photographer and friend. I know, I'm cheesy. :)


Geometry in Photography

Noe Todorovich

There’s a word that keeps coming up when people describe my photography...


The first time, it was news to me. I stopped to think about it and reexamine the image. Then it came up again. And again. 

One of my dad's friends who is a teacher even asked if she could use my photo for her geometry class. I happily agreed, and the nerd in me delighted to see my image being used to educate students about math...


Perhaps the geometry has been there all along, infused in the photographs, and I’m only noticing it more now. Or perhaps it is actually surfacing more in my photography. In any event, I find it fascinating.

When I see something that grabs my eye and inspires me to take a picture, I might not be actively thinking about the geometry. But if I stop to look at the photograph afterwards, I see it.

Who would have thought that math would be an influence even in my photography?

And "they" say we'll never use it... Erroneous! Erroneous on all counts!



What do you think? How would you describe my photography? 

And how would you describe your photography?

Commitment, in Investment Form (HINT: new lens!)

Gina Todorovich

At the end of last year, I took a big step that may have been long overdue. I made a commitment, in investment form.

I purchased a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens.


While the camera body is usually a photographer's first investment, good glass makes a world of difference. In many ways, I think the lens matters even more than the body. To an extent. The most important factor of all, however, isn't in a photographer's camera bag at all. It's in how they use it.

But the equipment does matter.

And I love this lens. It is a BEAST.

When I made the decision to invest in this lens, it was also a commitment to myself to take my photography to the next level. So I set a goal for myself: to use the lens for a photo shoot at least monthly. At least. I don't want this to be a substantial purchase that just sits in my closet. It is a tool for me to use, to improve the work I do.

Earlier this month, I put the lens to use for the first time. And what better way than to photograph the great band, Mission South, at their first concert of 2013 at Black Cat. The show was amazing. The lens was amazing. I mean, I was swooning whilst shooting, audibly even...

I'll be sharing some more pictures from the concert and about the awesomeness that is Mission South next week, so stay tuned. (I'm waiting on and hoping for my film shots that are being developed!)

For now, here's a little teaser, compliments of the 70-200mm...

I can't wait to put this bad boy to work even more and share the shots with you all! And if anyone wants to know more about my thoughts regarding the lens (technical talk and what not), happy to share that as well. 

Yoga Shoot with Caroline

Gina Todorovich

Caroline and I have been talking about doing a photo shoot for her yoga for some time now. Okay, quite possibly for over a year now. Well...we finally did! And it was on an absolutely gorgeous fall day in DC. I didn't get to post these for a little while because work and life has been keeping me CRAZY busy. I wanted to at least get them shared before I head off to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. Also, the pictures alone helped soothe me a bit in the midst of the work and life craziness of the last few weeks. Hope you enjoy them, and be sure to check out Caroline on Twitter and at Yoga District teaching yoga!

Tell me you can look at this picture and NOT feel more at ease? It's a gift, right?! 

Why Do I Love Photography?

Gina Todorovich

I love photography because it allows me to create art rooted in reality. It enables us to capture moments that would otherwise just blend into all the other moments that have passed. Instead, we can freeze time in a way and be able to look back at it over time, seeing something new or different in it because while the image hasn’t changed, we have.

That was my off-the-cuff response to the question "Why do I love photography?" on PhotoShelter's blog post where you can win two passes to Luminance 2012

I wanted to share this because I found the answer to come so effortlessly, which is something quite uncommon for me. I have spent countless HOURS working on writing about my take on photography or my artist statement. The writing that results is often lackluster and sometimes just plain cheesy or preachy or some other undesireable adjective. It turns out I really do know the answer to this question though, and I hope I never lose sight of that. 

Why do you love photography?