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Noe Todorovich is a Washington, DC based lifestyle photographer, and this is her blog. She shares musings, travels, photographs, tips, suggestions and more.

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Back At It

Gina Todorovich

I’ve been slacking on the photography front. That’s how my last blog post started. And how my life has been going. Thankfully, I’ve made use of my camera once again over the last few weeks—for both film photography and some video projects.

That last blog post was actually written en route to Virginia Beach to help out at Kitchenability’s cookbook photoshoot already underway with Patrick Onofre. I knew that Nisa, newly dubbed CEO of Kitchenability (congratulations!), had been interested in doing some videos, and I figured I should bring my 7D along and put its video capability to use. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the photoshoot, both taking videos and even helping out in the kitchen. That’s right, I cooked and baked. Probably more in a day or two than I had in months prior. ;)

It was a really fun, incredibly productive weekend with a group of amazing people all working together on an ambitious project. Check out this video to get a taste of what the weekend was like. Also, be sure to check out Kitchenability on Facebook and Twitter and OF COURSE look for the cookbook in August 2012.


In addition to the video endeavor, I also enjoyed photographing a few of my dear friends recently.

Some recurring faces on this blog that you may—and really should—know by now are of my dear friends Jacques and Paula, whom I have been fortunate enough to photograph several times during different life events. It started with their engagement photos, followed by their wedding, and then recently maternity pictures. Then, just a few weeks ago I took pictures of Jacques and Paula and their adorable son.


Paula pointed out earlier this year that I have photographed all of their life events and that it's become a tradition of sorts. One I am absolutely thrilled about, honestly. 

And last but not least, Chelsey Christensen—model, actress and dear friend—and I were finally able to schedule a photoshoot for her website revamp. Her's is another face you may already know (either because she’s super sociable, busy and all around awesome or because I’ve also photographed her before as well). And if you don’t know her yet, you should. Trust me. While her site redesign is allllllmost complete, you can get a sneak peak of some of the shots here. 


It's been great to pick things back up with photography, and I hope to—no, I WILL—continue to do so...

To Shoot or Be Shot

Gina Todorovich

Someone once told me that the reason I make silly faces in so many pictures is that I don’t like to be in front of the camera. That I like to be the photographer, not the photographed. I disagree. I actually quite like being on both sides of the lens. I also just have a penchant for making silly faces.

I dabbled with modeling back in high school. My father actually got me into it. One day he just asked me if I’d be interested in exploring that option. I figured, “Sure. Why not. Might as well put this tall, thin frame to use for something.” (Goodness knows it wasn’t sports.)

I still remember my first photoshoot. My agent was a photographer as well and an amazing modeling coach. Some of the pictures she shot in the first five minutes of that photoshoot are still some of my favorites.

Now I find myself behind the lens much more, and often that’s my preference. Although, I have to admit (at the risk of extreme dual narcissism) that sometimes I wish I could be on both sides of the lens at the same time. That is, sometimes I have a vision for a shot I want to take of myself, but I can’t successfully get someone else to create the image. And well, I can’t be in both places at the same time (sure there are self-timers and tools to help, but it just isn’t the same as looking in the viewfinder and constructing that vision in real time). My main image on this website is actually a self-timer success, but that was largely thanks to luck, I think.

It’s been interesting switching modes from model to photographer. And even more interesting switching back to modeling after so many years of being in the role of photographer. I realized this when I modeled for JCKA Photography this summer. It was refreshing to switch roles and try to resurrect my inner model. Of course, his being an amazing photographer who is so easy to work with really helped make the experience all the more enjoyable.

As fun as delving back into modeling is, I’m not losing sight of my true passion for photography. I’m also taking advantage of opportunities to use and deepen my skills. Recently I collaborated with Chelsey Christensen and Rakhi and Company for a photoshoot (look for picture(s) in the upcoming October newsletter and sign up here if you aren’t on the list already!).

Chelsey is an amazing and gorgeous model, actress, non-profit professional and all-around awesome person. So she made my job truly easy and was an absolute pleasure to work with. And while Rakhi stayed behind the lens with me for most of the time, the same applies to her. I’ve got some crazy talented friends and project co-conspirators. ;) We shot in the U St. area of Washington, DC, and even had a guest appearance by an absolutely adorable puppy named Owen. Here are a few images from the shoot.




Like I said, Chelsey is amazing, so I really enjoyed our shoot on Sunday. I’m definitely interested in more fashion photography endeavors—on both sides of the lens. :)

DC Fit Week

Gina Todorovich

DC Fit Week, a free week of fitness activities in the DC metro area, kicked off this past Monday. I found out about it through Twitter; some of my friends are on the DC Fit Week team and actually organized it all. The week focuses on physical, financial and mental fitness and provides a variety of events from free classes to happy hours and more.

Tonight was the fitness expo benefiting WGirlsDC, complete with a fashion show, auction and expert panel. Below are some pictures from the fashion show featuring clothing from Pacers Running Stores and Lime Activewear.




I'm looking forward to the DC Twestival tomorrow night and the closing happy hour Friday. Doesn't look like I'll get to another class unfortunately, but the zumba one I attended Monday contained enough for probably an entire blog post, one for which there aren't pictures (or videos), thankfully. ;)

Wardrobe Restyle

Gina Todorovich

My friend, Sabrina, started a 10 day restyle wardrobe adventure this month. This lovely lady has great style and personality you can see a glimpse of on her blog. I welcomed the opportunity to step it up a little, but I had been home sick for a few days with hardly any energy. When I finally felt well enough to go to the market and get some groceries, I decided to not just roll out in my pajamas. I looked through my closet and ended up pulling together a casual outfit.

I have to say this restyle has really helped me to put a little more thought and effort into what I wear. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement, Sabrina! :)

Here are some pictures from my second day of participating in the restyle. I love layering, making this summery dress work for a warm winter day.



Dress: Ross ($3.50!)
Cardigan: Forever 21
Leggings: Express
Necklace: can’t remember
Flower for my hair: gifted from my mom
Boots: gifted from my mom