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Noe Todorovich is a Washington, DC based lifestyle photographer, and this is her blog. She shares musings, travels, photographs, tips, suggestions and more.

Maternity Shoot with the Bryans

Gina Todorovich


Back in October, my friends Mark and Lupe and I were trying to coordinate a time to do a maternity shoot. Well, scheduling can be a challenge, especially since I was gone two weekends in a row for friends' weddings. And I had strep throat between the two when we were going to try to squeeze the shoot in. We decided that wouldn't be best since we were talking about a pregnant woman and a sick photographer.

Well, we rescheduled for later in the month. Lots of texting back and forth on that day as Lupe wasn't feeling well and had gone to the hospital. Mark cancelled. Then Lupe said no, let's do it. I explained that I was completely flexible. I knew how important this was to Lupe–how much she wanted maternity pictures. I also knew that she might be having the baby that night. So I explained that I'd be more than happy to come for the shoot and roll out with them to the hospital if need be.

So I headed out to Virginia and we went to their friend's house for the photoshoot. During the shoot, Lupe began having contractions more and more frequently. In fact, many of the pictures I got were immediately preceding an intense contraction. I was incredibly impressed with Lupe's strength, determination, positive disposition and beauty.

I was reminded of this experience because we had a potluck at our place yesterday and the Bryans were going to join us. Alas, some of the Bryans AND myself were sick! It's okay, though; we're going to get healthy and have another photoshoot with the delightful McKenzie soon. :)